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1 Ripple, 2 Ripples …

Today as I was exercising in the pool I noticed there were ripples in the water when I would move. I have to do physical therapy on my knee everyday, but today there was no one in the pool except for me. All the other ladies were probably home starting to get ready for thanksgiving.

The water in the pool was like glass when I first got in. You know how you get in real slow because it feels so cold?  As I walked into the water these ripples started extending out from my body. It was rather a pretty sight. I got caught up in watching how far they would go. They went all the way across to the outer edges of the pool.

Then the thought crossed my mind that this could be an analogy of how we touch other people’s lives also. We make ripples in the lives of other people with our writing, with our photos, with our media, with our tweets, with our blogs, with our facebook posts. We cause ripples all over the sea of people on this world wide web.

I couldn’t help but wonder, how many people do we really reach when we splash our work out there?  I am just learning about blogging, about blogging on WordPress (which I also had to learn), I am learning about twitter, I am taking an “intentional blogging” course from TribeWriters, and starting the TribeWriters course itself. That is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different ripples I have started in this sea of people I touch with my work on the web. That is huge for someone who is just beginning to grasp this concept.

Then, just for fun, I would get quiet and not move, just to see the pool get still like glass again. I must confess though, the ripples in the water were prettier.

One thought on “1 Ripple, 2 Ripples …

  1. Nice analogy! And I believe we do affect others with our lives. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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