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I am a poet first of all, and a writer second, and as a side endeavor I also love to help other people get their books finished and downloaded into e-books.  I am discovering that e-books are becoming very popular in the publishing world and am very excited about doing these for myself and others.

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska nine months after my parents were married.  My dad said I was probably conceived on their wedding night and that was always very special to him.  I have lived in a number of states including Wisconsin, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska again, and Washington state where I lived for 29 years and raised my two sons.  I now have five grandsons.  The Lord gave me a promise years back about my sons when he told me “all your sons shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the prosperity of your sons”.  I guess it is no wonder there have been no girls born yet if the promise was for sons.  There are a nice round number of seven sons now.

The one thing that moving around taught me was how to rely more fully rely on a walk with the Lord.  With friends being uprooted each time I was, there was no other constant force in my life but the Lord.  Then my faith was really tested in 1997 when I ended up with a brain injury after a medical procedure where I went too long without oxygen.  Then my walk with the Lord went to a whole new level as I had to rely on Him for my every sustenance.  That was a journey I would not want to have missed for any amount of money on earth.  It taught me a level of dependence on the Lord that I did not know could exist.

I have always loved to write.  I write mostly poetry now.  It just comes to me without hardly trying for it.  It has to be a gift or something.  I can’t not write it.  My biggest dream as a child was to write a book although I had no idea what that book would be about.  I just had the inner desire to write one.  Later in this article, I talk about that realized dream and give you a link to that book which took me my entire life to write.  It is a collection of the best poetry from 40 years of my life.  I would invite you to check it out.

My favorite subject has to do with spirituality. I am not talking about religion here because I think, for the most part, that religion ruins people.  I am talking about spirituality as a walk with Jesus Christ.  I believe that a true spiritual walk far surpasses anything you could find “in church” because spirituality, in it’s intended sense, happens every day in every aspect of life.

I usually will blog about once a week or so, and the subject may vary between what I may have learned in the bible, what poem I wrote whether it is related to spirituality or just everyday life, a subject or question one of my blogger friends brought up, or anything else along those lines.

I have an Associates in Theology from Beacon University.  I also have diplomas in business and office management.  I have worked in management as well as counseling before I retired in 1992. I have recently published the book “How To Get Near God’s Heart” under the name “Teresa Marie” which is currently available on kindle. The printed book will hopefully come out in the next few months.

I would invite you to subscribe to my blog if this is something you may be interested in. I look forward to meeting you.

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