Give Me The Courage

Once upon a time I hard a time talking.  Yes, I know it’s hard to believe now, but I hardly ever used to open my mouth.  I was scared to say anything to anyone.  It was about the same as how afraid I am right now to write and publish things on my blog.  Because that fear was overwhelming then, I wrote a poem that is a prayer in hopes that it would be answered and that I could finally talk to people.  I would like to share that with you.


Give me the courage

And give me the chance

That Your Heart Lord

To them will be enhanced.

Give me now Lord

What I am called to speak

Help me be bold

But keep me ‘just enough’ meek.

Give me the words

That they need to hear

And help them to realize

There is no need to fear.

                                Teresa Marie

If this prayer would at all help you, feel free to use it as your prayer as you write what others need to hear.  As people keep telling me, don’t worry about the blogs being perfect, just do them and you can tweak them later.


This poem is one from my book of poetry named “How to Get Near God’s Heart” which is for sale on kindle.  You can look at the first few pages or purchase it by clicking “here”.  If you would like to, you can leave me a review after reading the first few pages by clicking “here”.