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How To Discover Your Spiritual Gift

A spiritual gift, as defined by the Greek from the new testament says it is “a divine gratuity, deliverance from danger or passion; specifically, a spiritual endowment, that is subjectively a religious qualification or objectively a miraculous faculty. It is a free gift.”


Spiritual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit, but the administrations come by Jesus Christ and the Operations by God the Father.


In 1Corinthians 12:8-10, the following gifts are listed:




  • The Word Of Wisdom: this is the supernatural revelation, or insight into the divine will and purpose, showing how to solve any problem that may arise.
  • The Word Of Knowledge: this is the supernatural revelation of divine knowledge, or insight into the divine mind, will, or plan; and also the plans of others that man could not know of himself.
  • Discerning of Spirits: this is supernatural revelation, or insight into the realm of spirits to detect them and their plans and to read the minds of men.  Complimentary to that of prophecy, enabling hearers to judge claims of prophetic inspiration, to prove successfully what utterances were of divine origin, and to distinguish the genuine prophet from the false.




  • Prophecy: this is a supernatural utterance in the native tongue.  It is a miracle of divine utterance, not conceived by human thought or reasoning.  It includes speaking unto men to edification, exhortation and comfort.  Sometimes the prophetic person speaks of a prediction, scriptural or other.  By analogy, an inspired speaker; by extension a poet.
  • Diverse Kinds Of Tongues: this is supernatural utterance in other languages which are not known to the speaker.
  • The Interpretation of Tongues: this is simply a supernatural ability to interpret in the native tongue what is uttered in languages not known by the who interprets by the spirit.




  • Faith: this is supernatural ability to believe God without human doubt, unbelief, and reasonings.  It is not a saving faith, but a higher measure of faith by which special, wonderful deeds are accomplished.
  • Gifts Of Healing: this is supernatural power to heal all manner of sickness without human aid or medicine.
  • Working Of Miracles: this is supernatural power to intervene in the ordinary course of nature and to counteract natural laws if necessary.


In 1 Corinthians 12:28, these gifts are listed (minus any repeats):


  • Apostles: A delegate, one sent with full power of attorney to act in the place of another, the sender remaining behind to back up the one sent.  In the case of Christians, it means God sends them to do what he, himself would do if he went.  It is found 81 times and transcribed ‘apostle’ 78 times; ‘messenger’ 2 times, and once ‘he that is sent’.  It is said that an apostle has miraculous powers.
  • Prophets: Prophets were those who spoke for God.  They were primarily preachers of righteousness but sometimes foretold the future.  Prophecy was one of the gifts of the spirit and those who had and exercised this gift were Prophets.  Directions for the exercise of this gift are found in 1Corinthians 14.  The office was next in importance to the apostles.
  • Teachers: teachers expounded and applied established Christian doctrine, their ministry probably being confined to the local church.  An instructor, doctor, master in the church.
  • Miracles: a sign or token by which something is known; a token of confirmation of a divine work or call.  It is translated ‘sign’ 50 times, ‘miracle’ 23 times, ‘wonder’ 3 times and ‘token’ one time.  Generally used of miracles and wonders wrought by man to confirm their call and mission from God.  It is also used of the power by which false teachers seek to confirm their fallacies to be of God.  In the last days, satanic powers will cause men to accept false teachings and be lost.  Does God want Satan and his agents to manifest more power in the church?  No!  The church is promised power over all satanic forces.
  • Helps: The succour given to the weak by the strong.  Special gifts to care for the sick and needy.  A support, help, an aid.  This refers to every kind of help God set in the church.  It cannot be limited to the work of deacons and deaconesses, as some teach, for there were other helps beside them.  It does not refer to persons only, but to the various spiritual gifts which endue men with power to help.  It is mentioned in the midst of references to certain gifts.
  • Governments: The gifts and authority to govern possessed by the ruling elders.  A steering, pilotage, a guiding.  Refers to all the means of guidance God has set in the church.  It has no reference to power to rule, but to men of extraordinary wisdom, knowledge, and discernment to guide the church in all its problems.


In the Ephesians 4:11, without any repeats, the gifts that are listed are as follows:


  • Evangelists: A bringer of glad tidings, a preacher of the gospel.
  • Pastors: translated pastors only here but ‘shepherd’ 16 times.  God, Jesus Christ, and men are called shepherds.


In Romans 12:7-8, these gifts are further mentioned


  • Ministry: service rendered by a deacon or deaconesses.
  • Exhortation: to call aside; make an appeal to by way of exhortation, entreaty, comfort, or instruction.
  • Giving: this refers to the rich giving help to others.
  • Ruling: the leader; pastor; superintendent; the one over any business of the church.
  • Showing Mercy: the sick-visitor and charity-worker, must be cheerful and sympathetic.


Then all off by itself, in Romans 10:14, it mentions:


  • Preacher: to herald, as a public crier, especially divine truth (the gospel), to proclaim or publish.


From everything I could find, there were 23 gifts in all.  I would encourage you to print out this article and mark with an x (in the circles on the left) all the gifts that you see applying to yourself.


Which ones do you see in yourself?  Don’t worry if you see more than one, it’s possible to see yourself in multiple gifts.


Happy hunting and thanks for stopping by