About The Book

“How To Get Near God’s Heart” Coming Soon To Kindle Books

I am about to publish the book “How To Get Near God’s Heart”.  It will be coming out on Kindle as an e-book very shortly. The previous poem was just a peak at what is included in that book.  Please keep this in mind and try it out.  I think you will find it very inspirational, heartwarming, emotional, sometimes heartbreaking, uplifting, educational and hopefully created just for you.  It is my life’s work as I have written for 30+ years to bring this book to fruition. See you on Kindle!

P.S. I will be publishing the interpretation of these poems shortly after the release of the original book for those who want to journey deeper into a walk with the Lord and want to find their own inner spiritual life bloom during the process.  Coming soon to a Kindle near you.