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How To Get Organized In 15 Minutes A Day

What Didn’t Work

I have read so many books on how to get organized that you would think my house would be spotless by now! But I have not found a system that works for me yet.

There are systems where you take a 365 day list and work on one of those lists everyday.  The problem with that aspect is things like them wanting you to clean out the garage in one day.  Or organizing your complete collection of DVD’s in one day.  I don’t know about you, but those tasks would each take me a week or more.

Then there are the lets get everyone involved systems.  Have you ever really tried those?  How about that 15 year old that just wants to hang out with his/her friends.  Do you think he/she is going to want to help you clean out the garage on Saturday.  Or are they going to want to help with the laundry Monday through Friday? I think not.

What about those systems that you buy into.  Have you ever tried one of those?  I tried one once.  All they had me do was list what I wanted to accomplish.  If i knew what i needed to accomplish I wouldn’t be seeking someone else’s help. So I searched for other means. And then …

I Developed My Own Strategy

I couldn’t find any other kinds of organizational programs to suit my needs so I developed my own.  Keep in mind my house had become totally unruly because I had been out of touch with the organization of it for so long.  I had been piling things on top of things on top of things since i moved in 18 months ago.  So this is what I decided to do.

I took a yardstick.  Yes, just a plain old yardstick and started at the edge of one wall in a far corner and I laid it on the floor.  I cleaned and organized everything within that 3 feet for that day.  That was a task that was easy to accomplish for me.  The next day I moved the yardstick to the next three feet and conquered that area.  I found a system that I could use!  And it works for me because it was not overwhelming.


I also had a list for laundry where I did one type of load every day for the week.  That way I never got behind on laundry.  This is how my list looks:

  • Monday – Dark Clothes
  • Tuesday – Mediums
  • Wednesday – Lights
  • Thursday –  Whites
  • Friday – Sheets
  • Saturday – Towels
  • Sunday – Blankets

Weekly Cleaning

And for the week to week cleaning that has to get done while you are organizing your house, I also have a schedule that i found very helpful.

  • Monday – Clean Cars
  • Tuesday – Clean Hallways
  • Wednesday – Clean Kitchen
  • Thursday – Clean Office
  • Friday – Clean Bedroom
  • Saturday – Clean Bathrooms
  • Sunday – Clean Living Room

Of course I do my dishes everyday too and I pick up areas that I have already organized everyday, thereby keeping the organization I have already achieved in tact.

If you can get your family to help, that’s great!  I personally could not so I had to find bite size chunks I could do for myself.  Remember, take these organizational steps one yardstick at a time and before you know it you will see some real progress.  You will feel good about yourself and your house too!

I have a poem I wrote about feeling overwhelmed.  If your feeling that way too, click on the word “poem” for more help getting organized.


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