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I Thought Of You Today

I thought of you today when I saw your new picture on facebook.  You are beginning to look so happy and so wise.  They say grey hair is a sign of wisdom.


I thought of you today when my phone rang.  You’ll never know how many times I wish you would call me just to shoot the breeze.  Or maybe write me a text once in awhile to let me know how you are doing.


I thought of you today because you hold a special place in my heart.  A place no one else will ever hold.  We grew up together.  There was only the two of us through thick and thin.


I thought of you today for the fun of it.  You mean the world to me and I am really proud of you.  You have grown up into such a wonderful man.  Look at all the endeavors you have accomplished in your life.  Do you realize how talented you really are?


I thought of you today, on thanksgiving, my brother. I love you very much.


Your sister

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