Seeing The Lord

Is Our Table Too Exclusive?

“HOME”, what a word!  You can be moving around twitter or facebook and when you get tired of the rabbit trails you have gone down you can hit the “home” button and it takes you to the starting position again.


So it can be with going home to our families of origin also.  We can move around in this world and get lost in the rabbit trails of our lives but at times like the holidays we can go “home” and go back to our starting positions again.  That’s where things can come back into focus for us.


At home, feelings are shared that have built up since the last time we were all together and hugs are shared that were missed since the last time we were together.  Most important, our family of origin and quite possibly are friends are there that we haven’t seen for a long time.


For most of us this is a wonderful thing.  We loved our families and our experiences growing up.  So we love to share the holidays with our friends and families.  Or sometimes we marry into new families and we begin to spend our time with new families and friends of the new families.  All of this can make the holidays exciting for us.


But some people don’t have wonderful upbringings and don’t have nice families to go home to.  There are even people out there that spend their holidays alone.  My heart goes out to these people.  I think they are the type of people Jesus wants us to remember at the holiday times of the year particularly.  Anyone can become particularly vulnerable this time of year.


Until this year I was one of those people who spent all of their holidays alone.  I wasn’t particularly lonely because I didn’t know any different.  I wasn’t wishing I was in any other particular place either, but I settled for alone because I didn’t have any other options.  I didn’t have any family living here where I do.  Fortunately, this year was different for me.  My son came to live in the town where I do and we both received two invitations for meals on Christmas this year.  I not only didn’t have to spend the holiday alone, I also got to spend it with my son at two different houses.


If we would all take some time this next year, I bet we could each find just one more person to invite to our table next year for Christmas.  Lets see if there any of these people that spend their holidays alone in our circle of influence.  Once we find out if they are spending their holidays alone, why don’t we be the one to invite them to spend it with us.  Afterall, how much room does one more plate take at the table?