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My Simple Website

Today was the day I decided to finish up my website.  I don’t exactly know what to put on a website except what I already have here, on twitter and on Facebook but i needed a website for the listing on twitter so I decided to finish it today.

I am a cheapskate so I used a free one.  I see most people have nice ones that they pay for, but I just don’t have enough items to put on a website to pay for one.  The ends don’t justify the means here for me. Everyone who looks at the name of my website will know I went the free route because it has the name “wix” in it but that is okay for now.  Down the road when I am making more money I may invest in paying for one.  How is that for a positive affirmation?

If you want to look at it I would love the feedback, though it is very plain and simple also.  That is me though.  Sometimes I get lost with fancy.

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