Thanks For The Help Dear Friends

Sometimes the battle between one’s head and one’s heart is a very great one. The last couple days my heart has hurt over something my head knows it can do nothing about! But it still breaks my heart to watch it happening.  One day you give birth and you hold a tiny little baby in your arms. You want so much for them. You want them to have a future and you hope they will have a fruitful one. You spend your life’s energy teaching and being an example to them of what God expects from us.  Even when you aren’t perfect at it, you have to explain that too. When it’s all said and done and they are adults, you hope they are ready to fly on their own two wings.  Unfortunately, sometimes they choose to throw it all away because they choose to get involved with drugs and/or alcoholism (and all that goes with it). It can rip you apart as you watch them disintegrate right in front of your very eyes. Oh how I would wish this on no one. But sometimes it happens.  Not many want to admit it when it happens to their children. Few want to hear about. Less are even there to stand with you. Some even want to gawk at it, or you, or both. But I have to say that I am thankful for the strong friends I have that helped pull me through this last year. When I felt like I was falling apart, they helped hold me together til I could hold me together again. Thanks for the help, my close friends!

Bring them home

All the prodigal sons

You know them

All those wayward ones.

From the wine

To the women and  the song

Then the pig pen

Where they have thronged.

Call them back

To their Father’s arms

Waiting with love

Rescue them from those charms.

It’s hard to watch

A loved one live there

Give me strength

While I continue trying to care.

Rejection is harsh

When they have walked away

Bring him back Lord

And help him this time to stay.

                                Teresa Marie