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To My Future Spouse

01a3c2c53aa4e05e1d2ebb63dad9752669fd0671a1Today we have a guest post from my son, Dustin Owens.  It is a poem he has written to his future wife.  Dustin is a singer, songwriter, musician and poet.

I am so intoxicated
By your love
It’s like watching a feather fall
From the wing of a dove
The sun shines down
From above
In it’s warmth I can truly
Feel your love
You fit in my arms
Like a hand in a glove
Daily I pray
To the Lord up above
Please let her be true
Let her be my forever love
And forever multiplying
Soaring out of this galaxy
And nevermore shall I preach to you
These fallacies
Saying one thing only to not do it
The thought of owning your love
Will force me to push through it
Every battle
Every trial
Because I long each day
Just to see you smile

D.B. Owens