Seeing The Lord

Touching The Valley Of The Shadow

I was going through a medical procedure when all of a sudden I realized that I was out of and above my body feeling like I was floating up to the corner of the room.  Looking down on the room I could see the doctors and nurses that were supposed to be tending to me over in another corner of the room, facing away from me, standing in a circle talking and laughing with each other.


It was a moment later that I realized the respirator that I was hooked up to was not working.  Neither was the alarm ringing on it to tell them it wasn’t working.  I couldn’t breathe.  There was a heaviness in my chest.  My lungs were paralyzed.  Actually my whole body was put into a state of paralyzation for the procedure I was going through, there was no way I could breathe on my own.


The next moment I was back in my body saying this prayer in my head: “Lord, if you don’t lay it on someone’s heart over there that I can’t breathe, I will be coming home to meet you today”.  I just relaxed and faded out.


The next thing I knew I woke up.


From that point on my walk with the Lord went to a deeper level.  If he can bring me back from what I think was death, he is worth my allegiance and devotion in a very significant way.
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