What Can Separate Us From The Love Of God?

There is a secret realm God wants to show you.  It doesn’t belong to the rich and powerful, in fact, it doesn’t matter where in life you might find yourself.
Whether you're in
A very good place
Or maybe even
A not-so-good space

God can pull
You up from the grave
And set you on
The heights with the brave

The love of God
Can tightly seal you
And it can
Even totally heal you
For to yourself
It will one day reveal you

The love of God
Will always chase you
Always desire
To hold and embrace you
And most times
Will erase your

Memories and past
That now haunt you
And even those
Who set out to taunt you

The love of God
Knows of no end
It cannot begin
To even pretend
Bit it will always
To the end, defend

For all of those
Who choose to follow
But not for those
Who are only just hollow

The love of God
Doesn't die with death
It is for those
Also, who have life left

It can't be torn
Away by an angel
Or crushed by a demon
Who may try to tangle

With any of those
Fears you have for today
Or even tomorrow
For I can truly say

Love will not leave
Because of principalities
"Away with them!"
Is God's speciality

It can't be stopped
By anything in the heights
Nor the depths
It's always within our sights

Nothing in any
Or all of God's creation
Can separate us
From His love, oh elation!

Teresa Marie