Writing Course Assignments

What Would You Like To Hear From Me?

IMG_0474It’s hard to know what you, the reader, the follower, the friend,  would like to see when you come to my site.  I thought I would this time ask what it is that you would like to hear from me and then set out to write about that for a change.

That has been the hardest part of this course for me.  It is difficult to come up with subjects to write on.  I feel like I don’t have that large of a reader base and I would like to know how to narrow my focus to gain one.  I just don’t know what you would like to hear about.

Please drop me a comment and let me know something, anything, that you would like to know from me or a subject you would like me to write on.  My favorite subjects have to do with spirituality and my favorite mode of communication is in poetry but I am not opposed to stretching myself to accomodate my readers.  I hope I will hear from YOU.