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What’s In A TribeWriters Course?

So far, there has been some frustration.  There has also been some joy, some time spent working on assignments (lots of time spent), some notes taken (lots of notes taken), hours of proofreading, but most of all there is something in this writing course I have never found before.

I have never found friends who are on the same path as I am.  They are also trying to weed their way through this course, find friends, get people to read their books, and find followers to their blogs, twitter, and their facebook pages.  What’s the best way to do that you ask?  There are alot of ways I thought, but it seems there is only one right way.  I never would have known that before this course.

I am so excited to keep going in this course and see some results.  I am waiting in complete anticipation for that first follower to my blog.  I am in desperate anticipation to receive comments, questions, links, anything.  I am hopeful that this course will continue to teach me what I need to do to get those things. What are you learning in TribeWriters?


2 thoughts on “What’s In A TribeWriters Course?

  1. Hi Teresa! I’m in Tribewriters too, which is where I learned of your blog. Just wanted to pop over and give you a word of encouragement to keep going…you’re doing great! You’re further along than I am. I’ve written two blog posts but haven’t posted them yet. My perfectionism has gotten in the way, hence the reason I’m taking Tribewriters. Hopefully it will be the added push I need to get started and create some momentum.

  2. Hi Teresa Marie! I’m in Tribewriters also. I found your blog on the Facebook page.
    My blog has been in existence for two years now. Most of the time I write book reviews but I add blogs about hope, recovery from depression and anxiety, and life.
    An author has invited me to write a chapter in her upcoming book so I thought it would be time to get serious. That’s why I joined Tribewriters.
    I hope we can become friends and support each other. You are off to a great start!

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